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Yamaha Generators from APD
Power Center in Phoenix
Arizona. We stock the full line
of Yamaha Generators. Give
us a call at (480) 838-7472
Yamaha EF1000 quiet
generator. 1000 watts
maximum, 900 watts
continuous inverter power
Yamaha YG4000
Industrial grade
generator. 4000 watts
max, 3500 watts
Yamaha EF2600
generator 2600 watts
max, 2300 watts
continuous. A best seller.
Yamaha YG5200
industrial grade
generator 5200 watts
max, 4500 watts
Yamaha EF3000
Unique battery boost
system makes this
generator perform more
like a 3500 watt unit.
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Yamaha YG6600DH
ROPE start generator.
6600 watts max, 5500
continuous. Click here or
Yamaha YG6600DEH
ELECTRIC start generator.
Electric start makes it's
6600 watt maximum
power output effortless.
Yamaha EF12000 electric
watts max, 9500 watts
continuous. Click here or