Honda is the world's largest manufacturers of engines. These Honda engines are quiet,
smooth, lightweight and powerful. Today's easy starting, smooth running engines are quite a
contrast from yesterday's huge vibrating cast iron monsters. Long lasting and trouble free, you'll
appreciate the value Honda has built into their engine line.
Please follow all manufacturer's guidelines when buying and using power
equipment engines. Overloading and or improper use can and will cause
premature engine failure and may result in personal injury. Never try to
refuel any engine or equipment while it is running or HOT! Shut off the
machine and let it cool for a few minutes before refueling.
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GX120 4 hp
GX160 5.5 hp
GX200 6 hp
Horizontal shaft engines.
Some models available in electric start
P type crank shaft for SOME pumps
V type crank for SOME generators
Q type crank, straight keyed shaft
H type 6:1 gear reduction 600 rpm
2.1 hp 7000 rpm
2.8 hp 3600 rpm
2.1 hp vertical shaft
5.5 hp vertical shaft
11 hp vertical shaft
13 hp vertical shaft
GX240 8 hp
GX270 9 hp
GX340 11 hp
GX390 13 hp
Horizontal shaft engines. Electric
starter and charging system is optional
Q type crank, 1" keyed shaft
P type crank, threaded for some pumps
V type crank, tapered for some gensets
H type 6:1 gear reduction 600 rpm
GX610 18 hp
GX620 20 hp
GX670 24 hp
Horizontal shaft engines, available with
Q, P, V and H type engines? It gets more complicated than this. MultiQuip specs a