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APD Power
Center History
(480) 838-7472   7:00 am to 4:00 pm,
Monday-Friday Mountain Time
Tempe, Arizona,

APD Power Center started as an automotive speed shop in a
tiny 2,000 square foot building behind an auto parts store.  
Pitkin's began to sell small gas engines and changed the
machine shop focus from speed to industrial engines. The
store became one of the largest small engine dealers in the
state of Arizona.

The original owners of Pitkin's decided to sell their business
to three key employees that had managed and operated the
store for them for many years. The three went to relatives and
borrowed cash, cleaned out savings accounts and cashed in
life insurance policies. The operating cash for the first day of
business was a meager 80 dollars pitched in from the three
owner's pockets. The new venture was called Arizona
Automotive Machine (Arizona Automotive & Engine Repair,

Machine work continued to be a main focus.  By 1994 power
equipment and small engines sales had increased 1,000
percent. Our corporate name APD Power Center would better
reflect the direction the business had grown. FYI, APD is
short for All Products Distributing. i.e. the full name of the
company is All Products Distributing Power Center.
APD Power Center located at 412 West
Gemini Dr. Tempe, Arizona 85283  Info line
(480) 838-7472