WYCO Concrete Vibrators Featuring Their Patented
Square Head
The patented WYCO square head vibrator settles
vibrators. Models are available in 120 volt 60 cycle,
High cycle three phase, Air pressure driven,
Backpack gas powered and Hydraulic powered.
WYCO Vibrator Motor
120 volt 12 amp motor        902A        (2 wire)
120 volt 15 amp motor        993-15     Grounded

Can be powered by a 25 amp generator such as
EB3000  Honda Generator. To create a
compete kit order motor, casing and head.
WYCO Core/Casing
CK9500 casings are available in 2, 5, 7, 10, 14 and
20 foot lengths.
WYCO Patended Square Heads
Available in the following sizes
750-FI                1-3/8”
750-GI                1-3/4”
750-LI                2”
750-MI                2-1/4”

993-15 motor can handle all four heads.
902A motor should only be used with the FI and GI

Polyurethane coated heads are available in 1-3/8
and 2” sizes
WYCO 240 Volt High Cycle Vibrator

240 volt 3 phase 180 cycle 10 amp electric vibrator
shown with the WYCO 511807 Honda powered
high cycle generator. Can also be powered by our
MultiQuip High Cycle generators.

Head sizes are available in 2 inch round  and 2-3/8
inch square sizes. Hose lengths are available in 6,
cords are available in 50 and 100 foot lengths.
WYCO Pneumatic Vibrator

Connects to your high volume rotary screw
compressor. 10 foot hose length. 17,000 vpm.

BD65        2.64" diameter        32 cfm
BD75        3.03" diameter        39 cfm
WYCO Gas Powered Vibrator

Robin 4 cycle engine. Core/Casing is available in 7,
10 and 14 foot lengths. BCK Series core/casing

Fig A        Dial type precise speed control
Fig B        Electronic vibration per minute readout.
Fig C        Positive non slippage direct drive.        
in  Arizona. Our info number is (480) 838-7472