MultiQuip Electric Submersible Water
Pump Models in Sizes From 2 Inch to 6 Inch.
Water pumps require optional float switches for automatic
operation. Some models require optional power control
boxes. Water pumps require a large starting current. If the
pump is powered by a generator be sure to observe
starting amps.
General Purpose Pumps (Primarily Clear Water)
ST2038P MultiQuip Submersible pump.
120 Volt 8 amp (960 watts) running
120 Volt 56 amp (6720 watts) starting
One horsepower ac motor.
Rubber covered cast iron impeller.
7.7 inches diameter, 15.4 inches tall, 31 lbs
50 ft power cord.
2 inch outlet, max head 38 feet
60 gallons per minute maxiimum (0 head)
Double oil filled seals
ST2030BCUL MultiQuip Submersible pump
230 volt 52 amp (11960 watts) starting
230 volt 10.5 amp (2415 watts) running
Two horsepower ac single phase motor
Cast iron impeller, stainless hardware
6.7 inch diameter 28.5 inches tall 67 lbs
50 ft power cord
3 inch outlet, max head 72 ft.
170 gallons per minute maximum (0 head)
Fits inside an 8 inch casing for coffer dams
ST6125D MultiQuip Submersible pump
230/460 volt 3 phase 15 hp motor
215 amp (230v) 108 amp (460v)  starting
39 amp (230v),  19.7 amp (460v) running
50 ft power cord
maximum head 125 feet
maximum gallons per minute 610 (0 head)
14.5 inch diameter, 38.8 inch tall, 390 lbs
May require switch box
Double oil filled seals
Trash Pumps (Can Pass Small Sticks, Rocks, Etc. Up to the Specified Size)
ST2040T MultiQuip 120 volt pump
40 ft head 79 gallons per minute (0 head)
34 amp starting current (4060 watts)
6.8 amp running current (816 watts)
2 inch outlet
Cast iron impeller
50 foot power cord
Double mechanical oil seal
PX400 MulitQuip submersible trash pump
Pumps up to one inch solids.
Plastic impeller in stainless housing
Can pump mild chemicals or salt water
Light weight and portable at 25 pounds
10 inch diameter 17 inches tall
34 foot head maximum
72 gallons per minute max (0 head)
37 amp start 4400 watt 7 amps run 840 watt
120 volt 1/2 horsepower ac motor
2 inch
1/16 inch!!
3 inch
230 volt
single phase
Six inch
230/460 volt
three phase
2 inch
120 volt
2 inch
120 volt
cast iron
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