The Old-Timers (like me!) will tell you about the good old days when Wisconsin Robin engines
were sold and serviced by the Wisconsin Engine global service network. Some of those
decades old engines are still in service today. Fortunately for all of us Robin continues to be
manufactured by Fuji Heavy Industries, the maker of Subaru cars.
Subaru Robin Engines
I remember my Dad showing me my first Robin engine back in the early
seventies! We were both amazed how the engine pulled through
effortlessly and started on the first pull nearly every time. That engine
powered one of the tiniest portable welders I have ever seen. Quiet,
powerful, smooth and long lasting these engines are used all over the
Please follow all manufacturer's guidelines when buying and using power
equipment engines. Overloading and or improper use can and will cause
premature engine failure and may result in personal injury. Never try to
refuel any engine or equipment while it is running or HOT! Shut off the
machine and let it cool for a few minutes before refueling.
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