Ask a seasoned pro and they'll tell you that Kohler engines are tough, dependable and long
lasting. Kohler is an industry leader in the landscaping, power generation, industrial and
contractor equipment markets. The best from Kohler, Wisconsin!
Kohler Engines
Many of us think of Kohler as an eclectic plumbing fixture manufacturer.
The Kohler engine division has been hard at work creating innovative and
long lasting engine designs. Kohler was one of the first to use electronic
fuel injection and hydraulic valve lifters in their engines. Today, Kohler
produces a large line of one and two cylinder air or water cooled engines.
Please follow all manufacturer's guidelines when buying and using power
equipment engines. Overloading and or improper use can and will cause
premature engine failure and may result in personal injury. Never try to
refuel any engine or equipment while it is running or HOT! Shut off the
machine and let it cool for a few minutes before refueling.
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