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Yamaha EF2600 Generator
Yamaha EF2600 Generator
  • Only 90 lbs.
  • 2600 watts maximum
  • 2300 watts continuous
  • 19 amps rated, 21.6 amps max
  • 171cc OHV 4 stroke engine
  • 12 Volt DC charger 8 amps
  • 20.1" L x 16.3" W x 16.7" H
  • 3.2 gallon fuel tank
  • Runs 11 hours at 1/2 load
  • 67dBA  noise level
  • AC voltmeter
  • Oil watch warning system shuts down engine if oil level is too low.
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt as required by OSHA.
  • Top mounted fuel gauge indicates fuel level without opening fuel cap.
  • Rugged full frame helps protect the machine in case of rollover.
  • Brushless alternator design reduces maintenance.
  • Rubber motor mounts help isolate vibration.
  • Time proven wound field and stator design.
  • Cast Iron engine cylinder liner extends engine life.
A lot of juice for
not much
equipped Yamaha
EF2600 is a perfect
choice for
emergency power
contractors and
RV use.