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FSE 60 Electric Trimmer

VOLTAGE 120 volt 60 Hz
MOTOR OUTPUT 600 w (5.3 amps)
WEIGHT* 4.0 kg (8.8 lbs.)
A quiet and surprisingly powerful electric trimmer.
*Weight without cutting attachment or deflector.
Part of our Stihl's responsible product line, the ergonomic FSE 60 electric
STIHL trimmer has power to spare. With an easy squeeze of the trigger, this
lightweight grass trimmer is capable of handling small to moderate yard
jobs while remaining powerful and surprisingly quiet—under 60 decibels
when equipped with STIHL Quiet Line™.

Standard Features:

Quiet, under 60 dB(A) when equipped with STIHL Quiet Line™
TapAction™, AUTOCUT® C 5-2 cutting head - easy line refilling
STIHL special cord keeper
Built-in hanger
Optional Accessory:

Support strap
Recommended electrical extension cord wire size:

25 ft./18 AWG
50 ft./16 AWG
100 ft./14 AWG
200 ft./12 AWG