Stihl Attachments for KombiSystem Power Heads
When using HL (hedge trimmer) or FH (power scythe) attachments on the KM 55 R, KM 55 RC-E,
KM 56 RC-E, KM 85 R, KM 90 R, KM 110 R, KM 130 R with a loop handle, a barrier bar must be attached to the
Hedge Trimmer 0 degree
Permanently set at 0
degrees. Does not adjust.
Hedge Trimmer 135 degree
Zero to 135 degree adjustable.
Pole Pruner Attachment
37" Extension Optional
Edger Attachment Straight
Edger Attachment Curved
Other tillers and Multi-Use Machines are available.
String Trimmer Straight
Brush Cutter
Cultivator Attachment
Power Sweep Attachment
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Power Scythe Attachment 135
degree adjustable
Great for areas
where a mower won't fit
String Trimmer Curved
Scrubbing Brush
Leaf and grass blower
37 inch extension Available in
lightweight Aluminum or Super
lightweight carbon fiber (
Use only
one extension