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Guardian Generac Standby Generators
Generac Guardian 5381 13-15KW
Standby Generator with Indoor/Outdoor
RTSN100A3 automatic transfer switch.
  • 13KW Natural Gas, 15KW LP Gas
  • 108 amps nat gas 125 amps LP @ 120 V
  • 54 amps nat. gas 62 amps LP @ 240 Volt
  • 3600 rpm engine
  • 992cc V-Twin Air Cooled Engine
  • Up to 3000 hour service life (2)
  • Steel Enclosure
  • 71.5 dbA  noise level at 23 feet
  • Auto start when utility power fails
  • Auto engine warm up and cool down feature
  • Manual Auto/On/Off Switch
This Generac watchdog generator set is
capable of starting one 3 ton air
conditioner. (1). (see notes)

Guardian has thoughtfully designed this
unit with a sound reducing enclosure and
quality V-Twin engine making it's sound
level approximately 71.5 decibels, which is
similar to loud conversation.
Model 5381 with RTSN100A3 transfer switch.
(1) Ability to start heavy loads such as air conditioners can be affected by fuel quality and other large
current draw appliances attached to the generator set. The age and condition of the air conditioner can
vastly increase the amount of amperage required to start the unit. These figures are based on late model
high efficiency air conditioners in good running order.
Generator will lose 1% power for every 10 degrees
above 60 degrees F and 3.5% power for each 1,000 feet above sea level. Example Phoenix, AZ  in July at
110 degrees will result in approximately 12 percent power loss. Have your electrician determine
starting amperage
for your air conditioner or well pump and all other electrical items to be sure it does not
exceed the capacity of this generator. Remember that all other appliances connected to this unit will reduce
the starting amperage available for large items such as air conditioners or well pumps.

(2)  3000 hour service life is dependent upon quality of maintenance and operating conditions. 3000 hours
is not a guarantee of service life but is an average based on many units in service.

(3)  In our hot and dusty Arizona area, we recommend 100 hours or 6 month oil changes, whichever occurs
  • 10 second delay prevents nuisance startups
  • Total delay time is approx 30 seconds
  • 48 x 24 x 28-1/4 inches LWH Dimensions
  • Weighs 487 pounds
  • 2 year or 200 hour oil and filter service life (3)
  • Electrostaticly applied epoxy paint
  • Model 5381 includes transfer switch
  • Weekly auto exercise feature
  • UL listed
  • Main Line 240 V circuit breaker
  • Gp 26/26R Battery is NOT Included
If you don't want to permanently install this generator set on
your property or your homeowners association won't allow it,
please see our Honda Portable Power Systems backup
solutions by
Clicking Here!
This generator will require a base consisting of gravel or concrete.  A natural gas or propane tank and line
will need to be installed on your property to power this generator. If natural gas is not available on your
property, please check your local codes regarding LP tank storage. A pressure reducing regulator will be
needed to adjust gas pressure to the above specs. Trenching is required to install the electricity cable from
the generator to the transfer switch. Additional electrical wire will be needed to install this genset. This
generator or ANY engine powered generator must not be located near your dwelling or business per local
codes because they produce deadly exhaust fumes and carbon monoxide gas. Modification to your
electrical circuit breaker panel is required to install the transfer switch.  We highly recommend a licensed
and bonded electrician install this product.
  • Model RTSN100A3 (100 amp)
  • 20 x 15 x 7 inches height, width, depth
  • Nema 3R Enclosure Indoor/Outdoor Rated
Transfer switch specs
  • One foot flexible fuel line
  • Composite Mounting Pad
  • Installation guide with photographs
Included installation items
Fuel consumption requirements at maximum rated load (make sure your fuel supply is adequate)
LP Gas:          88 cu feet or 2.40 gallons per hour
Natural:          220 cu feet per hour    
Fuel pressures required at fuel inlet:
LP Gas:         11 to 14 inches of water column
Natural:          5 to 7 inches of water column
This switch is mounted near your existing electrical service panel. Utility power is routed into the switch.
Wires from your home service panel and from the generator are connected to the switch. In the event of
utility power failure, this transfer switch senses the power loss and automatically starts the generator. The
switch contains a solenoid that disengages the utility main lines and connects your home wiring to the
Switch does not contain any circuit breakers.