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Dynapac soil tamps These tamps are designed for
general compaction. No water tank.
LF45 3 hp Honda GX100 engine 11.4 x 17.25" plt
LF62 4 hp Honda GX120 engine 8.4 x 20" plate
LF72 4 hp Honda GX120 engine 15.75 x 20" plate
LF82 5.5 Honda GX160 engine 18 x 13.7" plate
LF90 5.5 Honda GX160 19.7 x 24.6" plate
LF90 Hatz 1B20 3.8 hp
DIESEL 19.7 x 24.6" plate
LF140 5.5 Honda GX160 19.7 x 26" plate
LF140 Hatz 1B20 3.8 hp
DIESEL 19.7 x 26" plate
DYNAPAC forward motion soil tamps are designed for general compaction of dirt
and gravel. These plate tamps are
not equipped with a water tank. Gasoline
powered tamps utilize Honda GX heavy duty engines. Hatz diesel powered tamps are
available. Do you need a tamp with a water tank?
Click here for asphalt tamps.
Dynapac Round tamp LX90
Unique 17.7" round plate is a good choice for
compaction around manholes, posts, pillars,
guardrails and drainage inlets. The LX90 is powered
by a 5.5 hp GX160 Honda engine and weighs 97
Dynapac compact tamp with wheels
CM13 Honda 5.5 hp gasoline engine or Hatz 3.8 hp
engine optional. Transport wheels are
included as standard equipment. 18.1 x 13" plate.
This tamp is a powerful performer designed to work in
cramped areas such as around foundations and
LF140 5.5 Honda 19.7 x 26" plate 282 lbs 85 hz
LF140 3.8 hp
Hatz DIESEL 19.7 x 26" plate 308 lbs 85hz

Steel cage protects top and sides of engine and working
parts for greater durability.
The tamps listed here are forward motion only. If you need a forward reverse tamp please
Click here for foward reverse Dynapac tamps