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Dynapac rammer models
Conventional seperate fuel valve, throttle and ignition

LT500 6 and 9 inch foot 3 hp Honda
LT600 9 and 11 inch foot 3 hp Honda GX100
LT700 11 inch foot 4 hp Honda GX120
DIESEL 11 and 13 inch foot 4.6 hp
Dynapac B.E.S.T. rammer models feature
Dynapac's patented multifunction fuel tank
system.This system controls four functions with a
single lever. All models are gasoline powered.

B. Breather shut off
E. Electric (ignition) shut off
S. Shut off fuel valve
T. Throttle control in 3 positions stop, idle, run.

The BEST system nearly eliminates the problem of
fuel leakage when the rammer is laid on it's side.

LT5000 6 and 9 inch foot 3 hp Honda GX100
LT6000 9 and 11 inch foot 3 hp Honda GX100
LT7000 11 inch foot 4 hp Honda GX120
Dynapac rammers are powered by Honda gasoline engines or Hatz diesel
engines. Models are available with conventional seperate throttle controls, ignition
switch and manual fuel valve shut off.

optional BEST patented fuel tank system shuts down ignition, throttle, air
intake and fuel valve with one simple control. You'll appreciate this feature if
you've ever forgotten to turn off the fuel valve and had the rammer spill fuel all
over the bed of your truck or worse fill the cylinder and crank case of the engine
with fuel.