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What's better for me? Is a curved shaft trimmer better than a straight shaft
trimmer? Straight shaft trimmers are better for edging and some angles for
mowing. Curved shaft trimmers are generally better suited for homeowners that
want to mow grass closer to the ground. Most pros choose straight shaft
trimmers. Generally speaking, straight shaft trimmers produce more power and
last longer because the cable doesn't need to bend or the trimmer doesn't use
a cable. Some straight shaft trimmers use a solid drive shaft rather than a cable.
MS22C 16 inch 21 cc 0.9 hp Robin
Subaru two cycle powered trimmer. 8.3
lbs less bump trimmer head.
MS230C 26 inch 22.6 cc 0.94 hp
Mitsubhishi two cycle powered
trimmer,12.5 lbs less bump head.
Includes harness, and universal guard
MS260C 17 inch 25.6 cc 1.1 hp
Mitsubishi two cycle powered gas
trimmer. 12.5 lbs less bump head
includes harness and universal guard.
MS260U 25.6 cc 1.1 hp Mitsubishi
powered two cycle 9 inch brush cutter
with "bike" handlebars. 14.3 lbs less
cutting blade. 4 star blade included,
Universal blade guard.
MS330C 32.6 cc 1.3 hp Mitsubishi two
cycle powered gas 17 inch trimmer.
14.3 lbs less bump head, includes
harness and universal guard.
MS330U 32.6 cc 1.3 hp Mitsubishi 2
cycle engine. Nine inch brush cutter
weights 16.1 lbs less blade. Comes
with 4 star blade, harness and
universal blade guard.
MS4510 9 inch brush cutter with 45 cc
3.1 horse power Dolmar two cycle
engine! Weighs 17 lbs. Comes with
harness and blade guard. (no blade)
MS251.4 (4) cycle trimmer 25.4 cc 1.1
hp Robin Subaru powered 16 inch
string trimmer. 11.2 lbs less bump
head. Includes harness and universal
LT210 Curved shaft trimmer. 16 inch
21 cc 0.9 hp Robin Subaru two cycle
trimmer. 8.2 lbs less bump head. Easy
start with primer system.
Models not exactly as shown in images.
Dolmar string trimmers and brush cutters help make a tedious chore a
quick and easy job. Models for trimming grass or small brush.
The trimmers listed above left are
equipped with loop handles. The loop
handle is fine for cutting grass or
edging with a string (nylon string)
head.  For brush cutting with a blade,
we recommend a larger machine with
bike handle bars. See the models
The Dolmar "U" series trimmers feature bike handlebars, harness and guards
designed for brush cutting. If you need to cut small saplings and light brush
these trimmers are designed to do the job for you.
Please note these cutters are not
designed to cut large growth trees, shrubs or brush.
The LT210 is equipped with a curved shaft, loop handle and a light
weight, powerful engine. This trimmer is a good choice for
homeowners or pros that need a machine for trimming near
fences, homes, corners, etc where a mower can't reach.