Stihl Electric Powered Chain Saws. Professional Quality
Electric Chain Saws. To see  Echo, Shindaiwa and MultiQuip
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Bar Sizes
120 Volt 12.7 amp
1.9 hp
7.0 lbs
12" to 14"
120 Volt 15.5 amp
2.3 hp
7.7 lbs
12" to 18"
120 Volt 15.0 amp
2.3 hp
10.8 lbs
MSE100 is intended for medium duty commercial or home owner use.
MSE180C is equipped with a slip clutch and tool less chain adjuster.
MSE220Q uses magnesium and is designed for heavy duty use.
All Stihl power products must be picked up at our Tempe Location. Please read all safety information before
using any power product. Any chain saw used improperly can result in severe injury or death. Users should be
aware of chainsaw "kickback". Kickback is caused when the bar tip contacts the cutting surface. The chain can
and will "dig" into the material causing rapid and dangerous movement. Reduced kickback chain is highly
recommended however reduced kickback chain will NOT prevent kickback. We recommend the use of safety
helmet, eye and ear protection, safety chaps, gloves and other safety gear.
Need more information? Visit us at our show room in  
Arizona. Our info number is (480) 838-7472