The patent pending lightweight fan design from Billy Goat puts less crankshaft breaking forces on your
engine crankshaft and frame structure than similar steel fan designs. Steel is a heavy material causing
greater vibrational force loads on the engine crankshaft and main bearings. As the fan wears from the
abrasive grit, it becomes more and more unbalanced. Our Arizona gritty dirt wreaks havoc on the steel
fans causing them to become "lopsided" or unbalanced. Eventually the unbalanced condition may
cause serious if not permanent engine failure. The Billy Goat design eliminates most of these
problems with their high tech composite fan design.
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Billy Goat F1301H
  • Weighs 161 lbs
  • Honda GX390 13 hp engine
  • Patent pending fan design
  • Air filled 10" front 13" rear tires
  • 12 guage steel engine base
  • High Tech housing resists impacts
  • 45" comfortable handlebar height
  • Nearly 7 quart fuel tank
  • Quieter by 3 dBA than most others
  • 28 inches wide
Billy Goat F1301H Leaf Blower. Honda 13hp engine mounted on rugged
steel frame. Impact resistant plastic blower housing. Quiet fan design.
Billy Goat Patent Pending Fan
  • Composite Computer Design
  • Lightweight
  • Produces More Velocity
  • Less Vibration
  • Easier on Engine Components
Billy Goat Force Aim N Shoot Kit
  • Handlebar mounted lever
  • Nozzle adjusts up or down
  • Puts the "force" where needed
Billy Goat Force Aim N Shoot Kit